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Introduction to Mashhad

Once an important transit city along the Silk Road, Mashhad is Iran’s second largest city. Known first and foremost as the home of Iran’s largest religious shrine, it also has plenty of culture and food awaiting. Read on to discover all you need to know about Iran’s holy city.
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Mashhad Attractions

Mashhad is Iran’s holiest and second-largest city. Its raison d’être and main sight is the beautiful, massive and ever-growing Haram (shrine complex) commemorating the AD 818 martyrdom of Shiite Islam’s eighth Imam, Imam Reza. The pain of Imam Reza’s death is still felt very personally well over a millennium later and more than 20 million pilgrims converge here each year to pay their respects. Witnessing their tears is a moving experience, even if you’re not Muslim yourself.

Mashhad is also a good place to buy carpets, and it’s a staging post for travel to Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and the little-touristed Khorasan region.

Be aware that during the New Year holidays and important Muslim holidays, almost all accommodation and transportation and تور مسافرتی مشهد are booked months in advance.. (By contrast, at other times visiting Mashhad can prove quite a bargain.)

Historic Attractions of Mashhad

Although Mashhad has gained most of its fame and importance because of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), its tourist sites are very numerous.And تور مشهد is one of the most popular tours in Iran.

Ferdowsi’s Tomb

The tomb of Ferdowsi is a complex composed of a white marble base, and a decorative edifice erected in honor of Ferdowsi located in Tous, in Razavi Khorasan province. This is resting place of the most famous Iranian poet who composed his book “Shahnameh” which took him 30 years to complete. Ferdowsi’s tomb is built in style of the Achaemenid architecture specially emulating the tomb of Cyrus the Great. In this garden, apart from Ferdowsi tomb, there are the tombs of other poets from Khorasan, a museum and a library. The museum contains artifacts unearthed from the ancient city of Tous.

Ferdowsi tomb

Khooni Garden

This garden covers an area of 5.6 hectares. The Russian tsarist army closed the Goharshad Mosque from this garden. According to the available documents, architects built Khooni Garden in the early Qajar period as a symbol of Iranian gardens in the southern part of the city walls of Mashad. As there is a spring in this garden, it is also famous for the Spring Garden. There were three separate buildings in this garden, two of which are demolished.

Nader shah afshar tomb

Nader Shah was the founder of the Afsharid dynasty and ruled Iran between 1736 and 1747. The Afsharid dynasty is known as one of the most powerful Persian dynasties. Some historians have described Nader Shah as the second Alexander or the Napoleon of Persia. His tomb is located in a beautiful garden in the center of Mashhad. There is a statue of him riding a horse while holding an axe in the front of his army, on the top if his tomb. There is also a museum inside the tomb which contains over 100 armors, helmets and weapons.

Kooh sangi park

Kooh sangi which means rocky mountain in Persian has two great rocks overlooking the Mashhad city. This place is one of the oldest and most memorable sights of the city which is the third most visited place by tourists after Imam Reza holy shrine and Ferdowsi’s tomb. The creation of this park has been recently developed and expanded

Mashhad Attractions

Souvenirs of Mashhad

Mashhad souvenirs are divided into food and craft souvenirs. Mashhad edible souvenirs include: Saffron, Barberry, Dried Fruits, Seven Pen Spice (Seven Spices) It is a blend of Cinnamon, Sumas, Rosary (Parsi Hegu), Ginger, Black Pepper, Red Pepper and Turmeric, Candy and Nougat. , And Geely Bailey. Mashhad handicrafts include: Perfume, Turquoise Jewelery and Stones, Fine Products and Exquisite Silver Signs.
Here are some things to consider

Saffron, red gold

Saffron is known as the most precious souvenirs of Mashhad. From past, saffron have been considered as an important agricultural and export goods of Iran. Saffron is in fact a flower with purple petals and red-colored stigmas, which actually its dried stigmas are used as saffron. It is very fragrant and flavored. We color food and sweet with

Nabat and Noghl

Nabat (rock candy) is a popular confection among Iranians and it is used to sweeten tea and other drinks. Nabat is a beautiful crystal which is obtained from water and sugar crystallization. Nabat is supplied in variety of types in market such as saffron, cinnamon, cumin, lemon, Golmahammadi (damask rose), mint and thyme.
Noghl is a type of sweet that is made of sugar syrup and fragrant ingredients such as cardamom, coriander seed or almond slice. Noghl is supplied in many flavors such as walnut, cocoa, coconut, cardamom, rose water and saffron.

Souvenirs of Mashhad


One of the souvenirs of Mashhad is perfume. Mashhad’s perfumes are sold in variety of scents such as tuberose, daffodil, orange blossom, saffron, white jasmine.


Barberry (Zereshk) is a sour fruit that most people use with its dried form. This product is dried after harvest so that it can be used year-round. Barberry (Zereshk) is another of the most popular and well-known agricultural crops cultivated in Khorasan province and is highly welcomed by tourists.

Mashhad Attractions

Adviyeh Haft Ghalam (seven-item spice

One of the most popular souvenirs in Mashhad is Adviyeh Haft Ghalam. This spice with a strange appearance is mostly used in Abgoosht, Khoresht (stew) and other Iranian foods. Adviyeh Haft Ghalam is a mixture of cinnamon, sumac, Golpar (Persian hogweed), ginger, black pepper, red pepper and turmeric..

Mashhad Attractions

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